With spring upon us, now is as good a time as any to create some habits you’ll thank your future self for. The post was inspired by a 2021 blog post by Seth Godin, entrepreneur extraordinaire and best-selling author.

In Seth’s words, “a simple substitute might change a habit.”

Here are 10 ideas for nonprofit leaders, in no particular order.

  1. Instead of checking your emails after the morning alarm, spend 5 minutes setting your intention for the day.
  2. Instead of rattling off a bunch of statistics to a potential donor, share a compelling story of someone you have helped.
  3. Instead of complaining about your ho hum board or staff members, thank one of your unsung heroes.
  4. Instead of sending a curt email, place it in your Drafts folder for 24 hours and re-visit how to approach.  
  5. Instead of creating an expensive annual report, develop an over-sized postcard with key highlights.
  6. Instead of working through your lunch hour, go for a 15-minute walk.
  7. Instead of reacting to every email/text/social media alert, carve out set times throughout the day to review your communication channels and respond.
  8. Instead of accepting an invitation to serve on another nonprofit board, think about how you could more fully engage with your current board.
  9. Instead of saying “yes” and regretting your decision, pause for 10 seconds before making a decision.
  10. Instead of holding a fundraising event, do a cost/benefit analysis to figure out the best strategy for your organization.

What would you add to the list above?

Hat tip to your success!

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