Stacey's Signature Keynote

Fondly referred to as the fairy godmother of nonprofits, Stacey Wedding has spent her last 20 years to elevating nonprofit organizations from the inside out, seemingly by magic. As a speaker, her contagious energy fills the room through keynote engagements for groups of all sizes, conference breakout sessions, and workshops she designs and customizes to her audience. Stacey delights and ignites inspiration as she shares real-world stories, clever anecdotes, and tools to move your ideas to action.

Top 3 Reasons To Book Stacey Wedding

1) Engaging and Inspiring

2) Boots on the Ground Experience

3) Tailor-made for Your Audience



  • PTackling the Elephants in Your Boardroom
  • PShake Up and Wake Up Your Board Meetings
  • PWhat They Never Tell You in the Interview: The Nitty Gritty of Joining a Nonprofit Board
  • PThe Secret Sauce of Board Chair-Executive Director Partnerships
  • PLeading a Nonprofit Takes Guts and Givership
  • PThe Science of Giving: How Giving Back is Good for Your Health

What’s on Stacey’s Mind