You work long, tireless days and most weekends. It’s fundraising event season, and your workload continues to pile up while year-end deadlines stare you in the face. You feel alone with nobody to vent to because, if we’re being honest, all of your friends work for nonprofits and are in the same boat as you, your spouse tuned you out a long time ago, and your dog gives you the side eye these days. You wonder if the one good thing about the pandemic—slowing down—will ever return.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Countless nonprofit executives are reaching burn out and even more are transitioning out of a leadership role or out of the sector entirely as a result.

While this problem is systemic and much larger than what can be covered in one blog post, there are some things you can incorporate in your daily life to move past the stress. I like to call these mental vacations. We all deserve them, and the good news is that they are free and don’t require the planning or time a true vacation does. Mental vacations are the mini-breaks where we get to hit the pause button throughout the day. They are a cost-free way to carve out a little time for yourself so you can recharge your depleted batteries, lower your stress, and improve your emotional well-being.

To get you started, I’ve compiled some resources below (none are longer than 10 minutes and all have been tested by yours truly ?):

5-Minute Stretches at Your Desk

A Song to Make You Happy

Quick Meditation for the Workplace

Scenic Views 4 Minute Slideshow

5 Minutes of Waves – Sound Therapy

Some Stress Humor…sneak preview below

Drop me a line and let me know which worked for you or if you have one to add. Here’s to less tricks, more treats, and ensuring you’re not wound as tight as a mummy this Halloween season and beyond!

Hat tip to your success,

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